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Links for a rainy Thursday

Antisemitic fashion designer John Galliano hires Jewish defense lawyer.

Foreign-born Americans dominate entrepreneurship and new business market.

Check out the new billionaires at Facebook, Groupon, and Zynga (related: Have start-ups become a fetish?)

This artist is drawing all the buildings in New York (for posterity, OCD). 

New hybrids (including GM’s new national hybrid) show lackluster sales. More importantly, how’s Detroit’s stock doing?

America’s income statement shows our government is bloated with entitlements.



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Starting ’em young: Retailer apologizing for sexualizing seven-year-olds.

Holder decides to try KSM in Manhattan after all, despite everything.

Here’s the soundtrack for my paper-writing week. I can’t stop listening to the first song.

Tough Love: “Your anorexia is not welcome at our new house.”

TED: Science can answer moral questions.

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Saturday Links

Adult ADHD: Why so common (I’m looking at you, law school colleagues).

On the Next Justice: Questions to ask, and what we shouldn’t bother asking.

Can exercise be as effective as drugs in treating depression?

Linda Greenhouse on the implications of immigration jurisprudence.

Just in case you still care about Romney’s relationship to health care.

Michigan college offers money-back guarantee on getting a job.

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Weekend Tabs

Greenspan, Summers Optimistic About Economy.

Theory of mind, intuition, and (the English) language.

Is it weird if I like Bruce more for his preference for redheads?

IQ and one bad habit+ questions of causation.

Entrepreneurs love to learn, hate to be taught.

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Thursday Links

Y Chromosome evolving faster than the rest of the genetic code.

Do optimists have better lives?

Supermarket: 100% my new favorite online shop.

“Victim” in Richmond gang rape says it didn’t happen after all, because crying wolf is the height of prudence.

Great example of necessity as the mother of invention: Solar panels save lives in Haiti.

If hard cases make bad law, emergency-induced sloppy decision-making makes for permissive legislation.

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Tuesday on the Internets

Ray’s empire expands, including the most exciting expansion of all:

Joining Glass next month will be Ray’s: The Game in the original, “pre-Obama” home for Hell-Burger (1713 Wilson Ave.), with cooks grilling burgers made from custom-ground venison, wild boar, elk, antelope, wild duck and ostrich. Why game? “No one else is doing it,” says Landrum, who sees the exotic burgers as “a great way to expand the repertoire.”

Tiger: Looking for validation, not variety?

Women’s feelings for women: Lust as envy, envy as lust, or maybe neither?

Want: Furniture made from reclaimed wine barrels.

WSJ Letters: Of Breasts and Shoes:

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force feels that mammograms are a waste of time and money because of false-positive exams, and anyway, the risk is evaluated at a meager 0.05% (Letters, Dec. 2). If, indeed, mammograms for women under 50 are not cost effective, and only save a few lives, then why are we taking our shoes off at every airport in the country?

Lee Mundy

Ellensburg, Wash.

Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project: The Three Great Interests of Man:

[T]he great interests of man: air and light, the joy of
having a body, the voluptuousness of looking.

Murdoch: You get what you pay for, incl in press:

[People who rewrite, without attribution, in the name of “fair use”] are not investing in journalism. They are feeding off the hard-earned efforts and investments of others. And their almost wholesale misappropriation of our stories is not “fair use.” To be impolite, it’s theft.

This is spectacular:

And finally, just because I love Hannah Arendt:

“For Hannah Arendt, the autonomy of politics is an attempt to preserve a space for human spontaneity, the freedom to act in unexpected ways absent the constraints of economic needs or social conformities.” [Harpers]

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Wed. Afternoon Links

Not a lot of time for a post this week, but here are some interesting links to revisit later:

ALI withdraws death penalty model laws bc capital punishment “unfixable.”

Brutal story worse than Kitty Genovese.

IJ paraphrases Thoreau and approaches the marrow a different way.

Marco Rubio, who may become the apple (orange?) of my Florida-grown eye.

Judge adjourns trial rather than rule in a way that might inform my National Security paper (or perhaps informs it more interestingly instead).

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