Shadow Volume

I’m pretty compulsive about art — I love almost all kinds. I disliked modern art until one blessed day Mark Rothko smacked me out of my 19th century complacency, swept me off my feet to steal the top spot, and the rest is history.

When looking through collections I find myself asking constantly: What’s next? We’ve done portraits, religious paintings, still lives, cubism, deconstructionist, impressionist, etc. It’s hard to imagine a new school coming and shaking up the art world. Art history classes always end game by naming atrocities like the Piss Christ as the “next wave” (um, as it were).

More probably next are more physical statements, like Christo’s Gates in New York. Architecture — community, or at least cosmopolitan art — has lately breathed new life, like the Bird’s Nest in Beijing and Valencia’s spectacular City of Arts and Sciences.

See the video below for a completely new medium. It’s about as useful as Christo’s Gates, without the added benefit of drawing the public out of their homes to gape. But the idea of a three-dimensional shape casting three discrete shadows is pretty incredible:

And here’s a photo showing the result of having “edited” the shadow volume to create three distinct Warhol images from one three-dimensional mass:

There’s no question it’s fascinating, but I have a hard time imagining a use for this. Maybe just as a way to decorate a room that’s completely fluid and cheap to change?



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